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Coffee frappe

Hello blog world, it’s been awhile!  Last night I was inspired to leave a comment on a blog post, and I had to log into WordPress to do so.  That got me to thinking about my blog, and I realized that I wanted to share some more recipes that I’ve made recently. Since it’s 7:30… Continue reading Coffee frappe


Boston Vegan

Ms. Jennifer Lee Gourmet Bakery

In the Haymarket area of Boston, there is something called the Boston Public Market.  It’s a year round indoor market with local vendors selling gourmet foods and treats.  My favorite vendor there is Ms. Jennifer Lee Gourmet Bakery.  She started out selling dairy free and gluten free sweet treats like muffin, cakes and donuts.  Just… Continue reading Ms. Jennifer Lee Gourmet Bakery

Vegan recipe

Cinnamon Peanut Butter Nice Cream (Banana Ice Cream)

If you’re not familiar with nice cream, it is simply making ice cream out of frozen bananas and a bit of non dairy milk.  That is the base, and you can eat it just like that, or add different things to create different flavors.   Last night, I discovered my new favorite flavor nice cream,… Continue reading Cinnamon Peanut Butter Nice Cream (Banana Ice Cream)

Simple Meals

Easy and healthy lunch: beans, guacamole and rice

I bought a pack of individual guacamole a at Costco, and I am LOVING them!!  I used to buy avocados, but sometimes I couldn’t eat them fast enough and a couple would spoil, or I’d cut into one that felt ripe only to have some hard inedible spots.  These individual guacamoles are all perfect!  … Continue reading Easy and healthy lunch: beans, guacamole and rice