Boston Vegan

Boston Vegan Eats: The Cocobeet Boston

I want to do a new series featuring vegan eats in Boston.  While this isn’t the most vegan friendly place, there are definitely more and more options sprouting up.  

I work in the Haymarket area of Boston, and it is very meat and dairy heavy in terms of lunch options.  There are plenty of pizza and sub spots, but luckily there are a sprinkling of healthy plant based lunch spots as well. 

Cocobeetis a juice bar, but they also serve other foods like vegan Mac n cheese, avocado toast, chia puddings and raw cacao balls.  I’ve only tried the pitaya bowl, which is amazing, not to mention beautiful!  They top it with this delicious chocolate granola that I’m going to try to replicate.

I’m so happy that they are in the Haymarket area as the majority of places are meatcentric and unhealthy.  Going into Cocobeet is like walking into a little oasis.  

Have you ever visited Boston?


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