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Homemade vegan mozzarella

I follow quite a number of vegan blogs and Instagram accounts for food inspiration.  One such blog is Long Player Kitchen.  Awhile back he posted a recipe for a cheese sauce that he put on pizza, and I was very excited when I saw it because a) I have all the ingredients, and b) I’ve been hoping to find a substitute for Daiya mozzarella.  I love Daiya mozzarella, and so do my kids, but there are a few ingredients in there that I find questionable.  The recipe that Long Player Kitchen shared is super simple and uses whole, plant based ingredients!  Here is a link to the recipe: cheese.  Toward the bottom of that post you’ll see a video tutorial as well.

It starts with soaked or boiled cashews.  I always boil because I never remember in time to soak them :p

Then you blend all the ingredients.  And finally, you heat the blended on the stove until you reach a cheesy consistency.  I made the mistake of heating it a tad too long, which results in a more jello-like consistency that is not easily spreadable.

You can see in the photo the texture as it first starts to thicken.

I toasted two English muffins with marinara, and spooned on some hot cheese sauce.  I took my first bite, and I was floored!  The texture was legit, and it had a nice, mild flavor from the garlic, salt, lemon and nutritional yeast.  But, would my picky son like it?  Yes!  He gobbled it up!  And my daughter, of course, loved it.  She eats anything and everything, dirt included 😉

You don’t even know how happy I am to have found this recipe.  It’s easy, quick to whip up, tastes fantastic, takes a handful of ingredients- all of which Iusually have on hand anyway, and it’s healthy!!  

I hope you give it a try!

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