Vegan product

Product review: Ripple milk 

I read about a new pea milk a couple months ago in Facebook, and the company Ripple Foods is based in the Bay Area, which always gets my attention because that’s where I’m from and I love supporting “local” businesses 🙂  I read that the biggest obstacle was extracting all the goodness from the peas without the pea flavor.  So when it was released in Target stores a short while back I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and give it a try! 

First off, it comes in a really cool bottle, and I love the font and the look of it all.  I’ve noticed that plant based mills have really set themselves apart with cool bottles, like Califia Farms, or Forager.

Second, check out that ingredient list!!  All good ingredients, and they are Non-GMO verified.  One cup has 8g protein, 45% (!!) calcium, and 30% vitamin D to help your body absorb all that good calcium.

I love that it’s free of a lot of allergens, so everyone can enjoy this milk.  The bottle is also made from recycled materials.  I think it’s fantastic that this company is helping to steer the world away from the destructive path we’re on.  Plant milks are definitely forward thinking, and they are the future.

Now, for the taste!  With my first sip, I found it to be creamy, milky, and it didn’t have that annoying syrupy feeling that commercial almond and cashew milks tend to have.  There was a noticeable pea flavor in the aftertaste, and when I gave some to my son he didn’t like it.  I don’t mind the aftertaste, but I know other people might.  However, it makes an amazing coffee creamer!  It blends with coffee just like dairy milk!!  So, I’ve decided to buy Ripple to use for oatmeal and baking and coffee!  I haven’t been that satisfied with other non dairy creamers, and they’re all expensive and come in small container ship.  

A week later I also got the chocolate Ripple milk, and there is absolutely no pea aftertaste in it and my whole family likes it.  Yes, it has sugar.  But I think it makes a nice treat, a dessert even.  

Give it a try!  It’s at Target stores nationwide (United States) and Sprouts Farmers Markets.


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