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Eat your veggies!

About a month ago, I had a medical checkup for the first time in several years. I purposely didn’t have my medical records sent over so that they would start from scratch and do some labwork on me. During the checkup, the doctor asked me about my lifestyle, and she asked me to walk her through a typical day of meals. As I told her what I typically eat, she asked a couple of times about vegetables. It made me realize that while I do eat a lot of fruits and grains, I don’t eat that many vegetables every day! Vegetables are so important! They have so many essential vitamins and phytonutrients that we need to thrive. They also provide us with fiber, which is so important to our health.   

I’m going to try to post a sort of food diary, with the hopes of holding myself accountable by showing that I’m actually increasing my vegetable intake, and with the hopes of possibly inspiring someone else to eat more greens and to give some food inspiration. 

For lunch today I had rice, hummus, pickled beets, cherry tomatoes, black beans and mixed greens.  It was so delicious!!  All the flavors worked so well together, and I feel like when my meal is colorful and pretty I enjoy it even more! 

What are your favorite veggies and how do you incorporate them into your diet every day?


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