Boston Vegan

Ms. Jennifer Lee Gourmet Bakery

In the Haymarket area of Boston, there is something called the Boston Public Market.  It’s a year round indoor market with local vendors selling gourmet foods and treats.  My favorite vendor there is Ms. Jennifer Lee Gourmet Bakery.  She started out selling dairy free and gluten free sweet treats like muffin, cakes and donuts.  Just last week I was so stoked because she started selling 

I’ve tried 3 of her paninis now, and my goodness they are SO delicious!!  She makes her own bread, and a lot of the ingredients are sourced from farmers inside the public market.  The panini above has heirloom tomatoes and house made pesto.

This next panini had mashed sweet potato, pickled onions, and a house made apple fennel slaw.  This was sooo tasty!  

The third panini I tried had smoked tempeh and spiralized veggies.  The tempeh was amazing!  Unfortunately I gobbled it all up before I even thought to take a photo šŸ˜œ

I’m so grateful that there are increasingly more and more dairy free and gluten free options popping up.  And, it’s great to support small, local businesses.  

If you ever find yourself in the Haymarket area of Boston or anywhere near the greenway, you definitely have to check out this place and get a panini or a sweet treat from Ms. Jennifer Lee!


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